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We Believe That
Exercise Is The Best Health Insurance

About ExerciseNow

This platform is to help raise awareness that the only way to prevent chronic ailments is the right kind of exercise. However, one of the issues people face when starting is that they are unsure what could be the right way forward. They are rightly worried that the wrong choice of physical activity may do more harm than good. But on the other hand, regular exercise can not only help prevent but also treat health disorders.

Our Mission

"To motivate everyone to stay physically active - this is the best health insurance someone can have."

Our Vision

"To share sports medicine knowledge with athletes, athletic trainers, coaches, and every active person who wants to exercise safely to stay healthy. And help raise awareness that an optimal fitness plan is the only way to prevent chronic ailments."

Motivational Speech by Dr. Saint-Vil


Asian Hospitals and Healthcare Management

Reduce Colon Cancer Risk with Exercise

WTAP Television

Ways to stay safe from the heat

MSK Anatomy Image Bank

Our Readers Just ❤️ Us

Here is what our readers say about us

Jaime K. Dole
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One of the best Sports Medicine platforms I have ever seen.
Joe S. Wheeler
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Wow, great job ExerciseNow Team. This was made for me, thank you so much!
Edwin C. Shaffer
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I really like the content.
Charles E. Jones
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I am an athlete, and this website’s contents have been so helpful to me.
Steven M. Reitz
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Thank you for the motivation


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